Everyone who registers for Grand Prix Richmond will receive the exclusive Grand Prix Richmond playmat featuring the iconic “Eternal Witness” by fan-favorite Terese Nielsen!

The Basic package includes entrance into Grand Prix Richmond as well as the following:

Exclusive Eternal Witness playmat

Set of five commemorative tokens

One month StarCityGames.com Premium voucher

Grand Prix promotional foil Batterskull*

StarCityGames.com deck box

This package contains all the benefits of the Basic Package, with the addition of the Sleep-In Special*.

This package contains all the benefits of the Basic Package and Sleep-In Special* PLUS...

Exclusive registration line

Pack of StarCityGames.com sleeves

StarCityGames.com water bottle

Exclusive access to the Grand Prix Richmond VIP lounge (includes seating, water cooler, power and phone charging stations)

Exclusive lanyard and VIP badge

The latest series of StarCityGames.com player tokens features five more of Magic: The Gathering’s most popular personalities, and all players who register for Grand Prix Richmond will receive a complete set featuring commemorative backs exclusive to this event!

Get a complete set FREE when you register to play in Grand Prix Richmond!

Get your Grand Prix Richmond Commemorative Tokens autographed, chat about Magic, or just say hello!

Friday from 5pm-7pm - Open to Everyone!

Scheduled to appear:

Brian Braun-Duin, Evan Erwin, Chris VanMeter, Ari Lax,  & William "Huey" Jensen!


Players who register for Grand Prix Richmond may also register for one FREE Mini-Master flight between Noon-2pm on Friday afternoon. Mini-Master flight participants are given one booster pack to construct a deck, then receive an additional booster pack to enhance their deck after each round won! Mini-Master flights are single-elimination and begin as soon as 32 players have registered for that flight. The winner of each flight will receive a Modern Masters booster pack and free Grand Prix Richmond VIP upgrade!

Would you like to learn more about the Modern format? Join SCGLive from 7pm-9pm on Friday, March 7th, where Patrick “The Innovator” Chapin presents a special 2-hour LIVE seminar in which Patrick will discuss applying the principles of his best-selling “Next Level Deckbuilding” eBook to the Modern format! This FREE event will feature a prepared presentation followed by a Q & A session.

Modern Masters Booster Pack Prizes Added to ALL Side Events!

Grand Prix Richmond will spotlight the Modern format like never before, and in celebration of this historic event, StarCityGames.com is adding Modern Masters booster packs to the prize pools of ALL Side Events!

Sealed 9am

Standard 10am

Theros Block Booster Draft

Matt has illustrated 70+ Magic: The Gathering cards over the years, including Theros singles Agent of the Fates, Celestial Archon, Fanatic of Mogis, Insatiable Harpy, and Gift of Immortality. StarCityGames.com is thrilled to have him join us for Grand Prix Richmond!

In addition to being one of the game’s most active artists on social media, Noah has illustrated 15+ Magic: The Gathering singles to date, including Mizzium Mortars, and Theros’ Anger of the Gods, Fade into Antiquity and Temple of Mystery. Noah formerly resided in Virginia, and we’re thrilled to welcome him back!

Cynthia currently has 15+ Magic: The Gathering illustrations under her belt including fan favorites Sublime Archangel and Young Pyromancer, along with Theros’ Scholar of Athreos and Wingsteed Rider. She currently works from her home studio in the suburbs of Washington, DC, and we’re excited to have her join us this weekend!

If you’d like to have all five of our Grand Prix Richmond exclusive tokens signed by the artist, you’re in luck! Illustator Kristen Plescow will be in attendance all weekend long!

Live streaming video coverage of Grand Prix Richmond, courtesy of


PATRICK CHAPIN, & the rest of the SCGLive team!